13-15.09.2017 Konferencja DevConf 2017 Kraków

Conference for Professional Software Developers

DevConf is one of Poland's premier annual conferences dedicated to software development. It's based on principles we believe are the success factors of an ultimate conference experience:

  • inspiration - regardless of technology, achieved by exchanging ideas
  • learning - as a process occuring at talks but also during informal conversations
  • focus on people and interactions - conference is about excellent sessions and great networking opportunities, we're eager to provide both

If you are looking for a technology agnostic software development conference with high-level inspirational talks, deep dives into certain subjects, live coding sessions and plenty of networking time, make sure to book 14-15th of September 2017 and come to Kraków, Poland.

Konferencja DevConf 2017 speakers

  • Adam Bar I started my developer career 10 years ago with simple PHP websites. Later on I touched on .NET, Ruby, Java and Objective-C, but I have always come back to the Web that I value for its openness and accessibility for everyone. And even though I admire simple structures, simple rules and order, which are often hard to find on the Web, these are Web technologies that are my programming passion. On a daily basis I work on versatile web apps in Bright Inventions and take care of my website that aims to review device integration capabilities of the web - https://whatwebcando.today/.
  • Adam Ralph is a software developer and an open source advocate with a keen interest in distributed systems design, DDD, CQRS and event sourcing.
  • Alvin Ourrad is a web and game developer working on interactive graphics for BBC news. A lover of open-source, always looking to push the boundaries of the browsers when IT comes to creativity and interactivity. Becomes truly passionate when IT comes to journalism, 3D and all things data-driven.
  • AMahdy Abdelaziz International technical speaker, Google developer expert (GDE), trainer and developer advocate. Passionate about Web and Mobile apps development, including PWA, offline-first design, in-browser database, and cross platform tools. Also interested in Android internals such as building custom ROMs and customize AOSP for embedded devices. www.amahdy.net
  • Boyan Mihajlov is a software architect and developer, thinking both business and tech. He works at a pension fund in the lovely Copenhagen, where with a team of highly motivated people they aim to transform the organization from being purely operational into becoming developmental and reacting to changes in our dynamic world. Boyan has been in the consultancy sector for a long time, working in different branches - insurance, real-estate, on-line commodity trading, ferry transport. Besides his work, Boyan performs improvised theater shows with his group in Copenhagen.
  • Dave Long is a goat. He has been working in the software industry for 9 years in environments where he’s built analytics systems used on many popular job sites, content management tools used in one of the largest computer companies in the world, and mobile applications whose users include fortune 100 companies. Dave is a devops consultant and director of development at Cage Data, Inc. in Wallingford, CT where he lives with his wife, 2 kids, dog and 2 cats. Dave also co-organizes the DevOps CT meetup and when he’s not in the US, Dave works with a children’s center in Uganda, Africa, building software to support their child sponsorship program and teaching technology to underprivileged children.
  • Gerald Versluis is a full-stack software developer and Microsoft MVP from Holland.
  • Irio Musskopf has been programming for 9 years, 6 of them working in the industry. Passionate for learning, his goal is to solve problems bigger than himself. He believes that many solutions can just be found, through experimentation, in hybrids of technology and human sciences.
  • Jimmy Bogard is a member of the ASPInsiders group, the C# Insiders group, and received the "Microsoft Most Valuable Professional" (MVP) award for ASP.NET in 2009-2016. Jimmy is also the creator and maintainer of the popular OSS library AutoMapper.
  • Karina Popova is a well-known woman in tech, an experienced developer and an international speaker. She has been worked as Developer Lead last 10 years. She has confident communication, leadership skills across different levels, developed through international professional interaction and engagements with representatives of various government institutions or IT companies using agile environment across the world. Her social responsibility and communicative competence are demonstrated in the organization of professional networks, events and conferences. At the same time she gained public speaking skills through frequent academic presentations, workshops and participation as a speaker at IoT and DevOps conferences.
  • Marcin Hoppe is a software engineer at Particular Software, makers of NServiceBus. When not writing code, Marcin can be found teaching courses, speaking at meetups and writing technology articles. From time to time he gets stuck in a queue.
  • Mark Wyner has been working as a creative professional and technologist for nearly twenty years, partnering with Fortune 100/500 companies and non-profits to craft meaningful experiences for digital UIs and ecosystems in new technologies. He shares his thoughts as an international speaker and writer. In his personal life Mark is a daily meditator, soccer addict, father of five, husband of one, and social justice activist. He also has a great story about saving his son from a scorpion by catching IT in a jar with his ninja-like reflexes.
  • Mattias Karlsson has been working professionally as a developer for almost 20 years, started coding on 8-bit computers in the 80s and been passionate about coding since. Today he’s a partner and senior architect at WCOM, a Microsoft partner located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Outside work he a father of two, husband of one and contributes actively to the .NET open source community. Most know there for being one of the maintainers behind the open source Cake build system, which is now also part of the .NET foundation.
  • Maxim Salnikov is Oslo-based Web UI Engineer, a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies and Angular.
  • Michał Łusiak is software developer from Poland, currently living in Sweden. On the daily job, he works mostly with backends for web and mobile applications. He has worked with many programming stacks but currently focuses mostly on .NET. Big fan of functional languages. Recently interested in machine learning and data science. Aviation geek, skier and wheels of fury.
  • Nick Heiner is a senior software engineer at the United States Digital Service. Prior to that, he worked at Opower, Google, and Microsoft, and graduated from Cornell. He has contributed to open source projects like Eslint, Bower, Foundation, and Chai. He writes about technology and politics on Medium.
  • Rafael Ördög is a Lead Developer at Budapest-based Emarsys and popular speaker in the Hungarian software community. As a founding member of Emarsys CraftLab - the dedicated coaching team of Emarsys - he has taught university courses, talked at numerous conferences and visited multiple companies as an external consultant. His passion for short feedback loops drove him to create Lean Poker, a workshop where developers have the opportunity to experiment with continuous delivery in an safe environment.
  • Riccardo Terrell is a seasoned software engineer and Microsoft MVP who is passionate about functional programming. He is active in the .NET community and the author of "Functional Concurrency in .NET", which features how to develop highly-scalable systems in F# & C#. Riccardo believes in polyglot programming as a mechanism for finding the right tool for the job.
  • Sahil Dua A passionate open source contributor, Sahil is a core contributor and community leader for DuckDuckGo’s open source organization. He weaves the magic in his code with Python, Go, C++, Perl, C, Ruby, PHP and JavaScript. Having mastered these languages all by himself, through self projects and open source contributions, he knows what IT takes to not just write code but write code that is readable, efficient and maintainable.
  • Sam Elamin is a Big Data Engineer as well as a Software Craftsman and Apache Spark evangelist. Sam is interested in Big Data, Metrics Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and is currently exploring Real Time Analytics,as as well as streaming tools and frameworks like Apache Spark, Kinesis, Kafka and Google Big Query.
  • Sebastian Gębski Agilista, blogger (https://no-kill-switch.ghost.io/), serial reader, software engineering manager & systems architect (the order is random ...) - still knee-deep in the code & ... enjoying IT more than ever. Obsessed with the ideas of continuous delivery & development agility (ease of change over perfect up-front design).
  • Silviu Niculita is a passionate software developer and technologist focused on solving hard business problems with cutting-edge technology.
  • Spencer Schneidenbach is a web developer, Microsoft MVP, speaker, consultant, and blogger in the St. Louis area, focusing on JavaScript/TypeScript, C#, React/Redux, and ASP.NET. He is the owner of Aviron Software, a consultancy specializing in cloud- and web-based software solutions.
  • Szymon Kulec Microsoft MVP, architect, speaker, software engineer, Warsaw .NET User Group leader. Todd H Gardner is a veteran web developer and cofounder of TrackJS, where he helps thousands of developers find and fix bugs in their web apps. He believes in simple tools and systems over trends, and testing balanced against risk. He is also the producer and host of PubConf developer afterparty. Ask him about craft beer, cool pubs, and maintainable software.
  • Dr. Venkat Subramaniam is an award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc., creator of agilelearner.com, and an instructional professor at the University of Houston.

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