Konferencja meet.js Summit 2017 javascript conference

Once a year as a meet.js community we organise a big conference called meet.js Summit attended by 450 professionals. We gather together in one city to discuss topics that have been trending for last 12 months. Tickets for our event get sold in 5 minutes.

meet.js Summit 2017 is the fifth instalment of the conference. At Summit you will meet experienced front-end developers and people fascinated by modern web technologies who constantly pursue to learn new things. They may be the ideal target of your recruitment process or a dream customer of your product. There are many case studies proving that attendees change their jobs after the conference and get motivated to take on new challenges in their careers.

Konferencja meet.js Summit 2017  javascript conference agenda

  • Load IT faster! - improving React apps loading time and performance Tomasz Łakomy
  • The Pixel Pipeline Patryk Ziemkowski
  • Fun and games with A-Frame - building Virtual Reality experiences for the Web Andrzej Mazur
  • Handling Side Effects in Redux With Redux-Saga Kasia Jastrzębska
  • Frontend Apps & Machine Learning models Patryk Omiotek
  • How to become a hipster with React Recompose Bartosz Król
  • Looking for the Holy Grail of Mobile Web Performance Adam Bar
  • GraphQL and Apollo - how to make your api great again? Anna Konopka
  • Multi stage build for webpack applications Kamil Ronewicz
  • Demystifying Vue.js Damian Dulisz
  • Node.js Diagnostics 101 Zbyszek Tenerowicz

Konferencja meet.js Summit 2017  javascript conference speakers  

  • Adam Bar
  • Damian Dulisz
  • Kasia Jastrzębska
  • Anna Konopka
  • Bartosz Król
  • Tomasz Łakomy
  • Andrzej Mazur
  • Patryk Omiotek
  • Kamil Ronewicz
  • Zbyszek Tenerowicz
  • Patryk Ziemkowski

Europejskie Centrum Solidarności w Gdańsku, pI. Solidarności 1, 80-863 Gdańsk


Początek konferencji 18-09-2017 9:30
Koniec konferencji 18-09-2017 16:45
Cena 30zł
Organizator meet.js
Tagi Konferencja IT 2017, konferencja biznesowa 2017, konferencja Gdańsk 2017
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Rodzaj konferencji konferencja płatna
Typ konferencji biznesowa
Województwo pomorskie
Miasto Gdańsk
Adres Europejskie Centrum Solidarności w Gdańsku, pI. Solidarności 1, 80-863 Gdańsk
Gdańsk, Polska
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