Konferencja Mobilization 7 2017

Mobilization is a conference dedicated to mobile technologies. The main scope is development of mobile solutions aimed at smartphones and tablets, with particular interest in Android, iOS and HTML5.

The Mobilization conference is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender identity and expression, physical appearance, disabilities, body size, neurodiversity, ethnicity, neurodiversity, nationality, religion (or lack thereof), age, technology choices or other protected category.

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at Mobilization conference are required to agree with the following code of conduct. Organisers will enforce this code throughout the event. We do not tolerate harassment of Mobilization participants in any form. We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a safe environment for everybody.

Konferencja Mobilization 2017 program

  • Functional approach to Android architecture using Kotlin
  • How to combine Swift/Kotlin with C/C++
  • DevOps in mobile?
  • Optimizing Android App performance with AT&T Video Optimizer
  • Tensorflow for Mobile Developers
  • Ogres and tests are like onions
  • Making Scriptable iOS Apps
  • Coroutines in Kotlin for Android
  • Database handling with Room
  • Breaking Bug
  • Zero to hero in UI testing
  • Introduction to React Native
  • Android Architecture Components Considered Harmful
  • MVC vs MVP vs MVVM vs MVI
  • Don’t fear SQL: A better way to store and handle data with SQLBrite && SQLDelight
  • tools() of the trade
  • Using Android Things to detect & exterminate Reptilians
  • Building CI pipeline based on TeamCity & Docker in Android Team
  • Augmented Reality in the iOS World. What's in there for us?
  • Make your app instant
  • Android Things 101
  • Bluetooth Low Energy on Android: Top Tips for the Tricky Bits
  • Let's framework everything!
  • Optimizing Android apps for desktop experience
  • Realm database in real life
  • Unmaintainable code - iOS developer perspective
  • Lenses and Prisms in Swift
  • Offline-first
  • RxSwift: Deep Cuts
  • Building iOS Apps at Scale
  • Awesome native apps with NativeScript and Angular!
  • I didn’t know the browser could do that!
  • Speech Analysis techniques
  • Predict impending doom with IoT and ReactNative
  • Don't loose your users because of endless quality issues
  • GraphQL vs REST
  • Database driven UI with MVVM & Realm

Konferencja Mobilization 2017 speakers

  • Speakers
  • Adam Żaczek
  • Aleksander Grzyb
  • Bartosz Kraszewski
  • Daniel Tull
  • Eliasz Sawicki
  • Elviro Rocca
  • Enrique Lopez Manas
  • Ewa Ludwiczak
  • Gabor Wnuk
  • Gautier Mechling
  • Jakub Mazur
  • Jorge Castillo
  • Kamil Czopek
  • Krzysztof Siejkowski
  • Leandro Favarin
  • Lorenzo Quiroli
  • Marcin Zbijowski
  • Marcin Moskała
  • Martin Mitrevski
  • Michał Kowalczyk
  • Miguel Quinones
  • Nikola Irinchev
  • Olivier Destrebecq
  • Paweł Gajda
  • Raul Portales
  • Rowdy Rabouw
  • Salomon Brys
  • Sam Bellen
  • Saúl Díaz
  • Sergi Martinez
  • Stuart Kent
  • Tomasz Gebarowski
  • Tomasz Pająk
  • Vasiliy Zukanov
  • Veselin Iliev
  • Victor Okunev
  • Yuliya Kaleda
  • Yusei Nishiyama


(Nowa) Hala Expo, Al Politechniki 4, Łódź


Początek konferencji 21-10-2017 9:00
Koniec konferencji 21-10-2017 19:00
Cena 200zł
Organizator Mobilization Sp. z o.o.
Tagi Konferencja IT 2017, konferencja biznesowa 2017, konferencja Łódź 2017
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Rodzaj konferencji konferencja płatna
Typ konferencji biznesowa
Województwo łódzkie
Miasto Łódź
Adres (Nowa) Hala Expo, Al Politechniki 4, Łódź
Łódź, Polska
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