Konferencja App.js Conf 2020

The very first Expo & React Native conference in Europe

A hands-on two-day conference with workshops and talks on React Native from Expo and Software Mansion. 15+ talks, 500 devs, 4 workshops

Dive into the React Native and Expo world and get inspired at the second edition of App.js Conf

  • Closer look into the future App.js is a base. It is a place, where every React Native developer feels secure. Attend App.js Conf and meet people that joined the React Native Team at the very beginning. Talk to the authors of your favorite libraries and keep your ears on the ground for their new projects. The future of React Native is now. The future is at App.js.
  • Meet creators of RN & Expo Join App.js Conf and listen to the talks by the members of the Expo team. Experience the importance of networking during the conference and run fierce discussions with speakers and other attendees at our evening event. Get first-hand Expo tips during our workshops ran by Expo's creators. Participate, discuss and boost your skills. Make your next mobile app in no time.
  • Contribute to open-source The community of open-source developers is similar to a group of scientists. Most of the findings are shared with others and evaluated by them. This way, some of them become commonly accepted facts, others are denied and forgotten. That is more-less how the open-source projects work. Unlike the commercial ones, they develop much closer to the users' needs.

Kijów. Centrum, al. Krasińskiego 34, Kraków


Software Mansion


Początek konferencji 23-04-2020
Koniec konferencji 24-04-2020
Organizator Software Mansion
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Rodzaj konferencji konferencja płatna
Miasto Kraków
Adres Kijów. Centrum, al. Krasińskiego 34, Kraków
Kraków, Polska
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