26.11.2019 Konferencja IDC Future of Work 2019 Warszawa

In the time of digital transformation, new technologies not only impact the way we live but also the way we work. They change organizational cultures, shape new competences and skills, create new methods of acquiring talents, and inspire modern spaces to work and affect employment.

A successful digital transformation must break silos down in order to move the company to the next level. Unfortunately, many organizations are getting stuck in this process because they are failing to change their people, their skills (knowledge), and their organizational cultures. 

Digital transformation can only happen when all Future of Work elements complement each other, from the workplace through corporate culture to resources.

Konferencja IDC Future of Work 2019 topics:

  • How can organizations go above and beyond silos?
  • How can they boost employee experience and attract talent?
  • Can we be better humans in an era of better machines?
  • Is it possible to augment the workforce with AI?
  • Do our CSR strategies account for the impact of the new technologies we deploy?
  • Are coworking or remote offices the new normal for workspaces?

It is important that in this discussion about the future — of the organization, economy, and education — all stakeholders should speak up. All those who have an influence on the future of the labor market are welcome to participate in the Future of Work conference.

We invite CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, and CHROs to engage collectively and beyond their departmental silos, contributing to a dialogue that benefits from all perspectives.

Technology is just a tool – a human being decides how or where it will be implemented. The future of work will not be determined by humans or technology alone, but by the two working together. Let's join forces and plan the future of our organizations.

Konferencja IDC Future of Work 2019 speakers

  • Ewa Lis-Jezak Regional Director, & MD - Poland & The Baltic States, IDC CEMA
  • Angela Salmeron Research Manager, European Future of Work, IDC
  • Ben Greeven CEO, Thalento
  • Tomasz Lorek EUC & Mobility Business Manager, VMware
  • Katarzyna Śledziewska Managing Director, DELab at University of Warsaw
  • Łukasz Sobkowicz HCM Senior Representative, Oracle
  • Antonina Hołówko-Moya Principal Sales Consultant (HCM), Oracle
  • Piotr Surma Managing Director, Applica.ai
  • Zofia Dzik President of the Foundation, Humanites
  • Boris Zupancic Head of Enterprise Business Development CEE & RCA | Executive Director Signify Commercial CZ


Białostocka 22 - Przestrzeń Eventowa, Białostocka 22, 03-741 Warszawa


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